Marshall Islands-Hist./Military Flights-Set(6)-Sc#137a,139a,141a
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Marshall Islands 1987 - Historic and Military Flights - MINT

Set of 6 comprised of 3 Se-tenant Pairs

(#136: 33c value): Charles Lindbergh commemorative medal, Spirit of
                             St. Louis crossing the Atlantic, 1927
(#137: 33c value): Lindbergh flying in the Battle of the Marshalls, 1944
Se-tenant Pair as Scott #137a

(#138: 39c value): William Bridgeman flying in the Battle of Kwajalein, 1944
(#139: 39c value): Bridgeman testing the Douglas Skyrocket, 1951
Se-tenant Pair as Scott #139a

(#140: 44c value): John Glenn flying in the Battle of the Marshalls
(#141: 44c value): Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, 1962
Se-tenant Pair as Scott #141a

Marshall Islands-Scott #137a, 139a, 141a

  • Item #: Marshall Is-Scott#137a,139a,141a

Marshall Islands-Hist./Military Flights-Set(6)-Sc#137a,139a,141a

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