Mauritania - HC - Compound S/S - Cat. #MAR 1COM
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Mauritania 1986 - Halley's Comet - MINT

Compound Souvenir Sheet

[Similar to images found in #619-622]

Space probes and portraits:

(#619: 5um value): J.H. Dort, Giotto probe
(#620: 18um value): Sir William Huggins (1824-1910), English astronomer,
                                   and launch of Giotto on Ariane rocket
(#621: 26um value): E.J. Opik, Giotto and Vega
(#622: 80um value): F.L. Whipple, Planet-A  -  AIRMAIL

Mauritania-Cat #MAR 1COM

  • Item #: Mauritania-Cat #MAR 1COM

Mauritania - HC - Compound S/S - Cat. #MAR 1COM

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