Tonga - Diplomatic Relations with China - S/S (2) - CTO
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Tonga 2013 - Tonga 15th Anniversary of the Diplomatic Relations between People's Republic of China and the Kingdom of Tonga - CTO

Souvenir Sheet of 2 (2 sheets): Each souvenir sheet is comprised of (2) $3 stamps

The Gold souvenir sheet features the Vaipua Bridge and the MA60 (aircraft given to Tonga by China).

The Black souvenir sheet features The Great Wall of China and the Haamonga Trilithon of Tonga. 

Flags of both nations, the Kingdom of Tonga and China, are on both sheets and, in addition, with the Coat of Arms on the Black souvenir sheet.

  • Item #: T-13-Diplomatic Rel.-S/S(2)-CTO

Tonga - Diplomatic Relations with China - S/S (2) - CTO

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