United Nations SIDS


The Pacific SIDS (Small Island Developing States) consists of 14 countries with their 3rd annual conference being held in Samoa in September of 2014.  This annual conference is designed to help all small islands in the Pacific with environmental issues such as earthquakes, rising waters, cyclones, etc. 

This Pacific SIDS issue, designed by Alison Dittko, consists of 3 souvenir sheets of 6, a set of 18, and a mini sheet.

The 3 souvenir sheets each represents one of the following themes: Views with a $3.00 value; Sea life with a $3.90 value; and Ships with a $4.00 value.

The miniature sheet of 54 is in Samoa's letter rate of 50¢.  This mini sheet is comprised of 3 sets of 18 images derived from the 3 souvenir sheets of 6 each.

Stamp size is 25.73 x 21.00mm, gauge 13.25